Peace with God through Jesus Christ

Building Committee

Below are the members of our Building Committee and Subcommittees. These committees were assembled to investigate the possibility of an expansion of our facilities to meet the needs of our congregation and to better serve visitors and our community.

Building Committee

Chair: Bill Bohning

Finance: Greg Costello

Secretary/Chair of Publicity Subcommittee: Lois Jaeger

Chair of Fundraising Subcommittee: Christopher Kind

Chair of Construction Subcommittee: Juel Merseth
At Large: Mathias Leyrer

At Large: Sally Sorensen

Ex-Officio: Pastor John Petersen

Ex-Officio: Pastor Luke Ulrich

Ex-Officio: Principal Silas Born

Publicity Subcommittee

Lois Jaeger, Chair

Sam Barbosa

Alanna Brandel

Nate Ober

Fundraising Subcommittee

Christopher Kind, Chair

Steve Jaeger

Ron Younge

Jim Gullixson

Construction Subcommittee

Juel Merseth, Chair
Greg Lieske
Tom Bode

If you wish to contact the building committee or any of the subcommittees, please use the form below. Thank you.