Peace with God through Jesus Christ

About Our Services

8:30am Sunday Service:

  • Held in our Church sanctuary.
  • Designed for those who are cautious with their health/have health concerns.
  • Face Coverings required (No exemptions please).
  • Congregational singing of liturgy and hymns. Return to our regular liturgies.
  • Live-Streamed and archived online for those who remain at home.

10:45am Sunday Service:

  • Held in our Church Sanctuary.
  • Face Coverings (We ask that those who have a face covering exemption to please attend this service).
  • Congregational Singing.
  • Regular liturgical forms.

6:30pm Monday Service:

  • Held in our Church sanctuary
  • Designed for those who are vulnerable and cautious.
  • Face Coverings (no exemptions please).
  • No singing—spoken service.
  • Abbreviated length.

In this time of heightened concern for public health, we desire to maintain appropriate SOCIAL DISTANCING. Therefore, we ask those who will be attending our services in the sanctuary to please follow the directions of our ushers for seating arrangements; and that those attending our outdoor services, to please keep appropriate distance between others outside of your household.

We understand that there are many opinions concerning the wearing of FACE COVERINGS. At the present time our congregation chooses to comply with the MN Executive Order 20-81. Therefore, we ask that face coverings be worn for indoor church services and other public church functions. We also understand that there are individuals who are exempt from EO 20-81—individuals who might not be able to wear a face covering. We would encourage such individuals to consider attending our 10:45am Sunday Service (Please note, we are ready and prepared to adjust our services when there is no longer a mandate to ensure worship opportunities for all of our members.)      

Please remember, if you feel sick in any way, or suspect that you have been exposed to the virus, we ask that you avoid public worship, and continue to make use of our service shared online and on KTV.

COVID-19 Preparedness Plan