Peace with God through Jesus Christ

Building Project Update – June 28, 2019

New addition:

  1. Painting and ceiling tile installation are proceeding on schedule for the new spaces beyond the narthex.

Sanctuary and existing narthex:

  1. Thanks to the help of a large number of industrious volunteers the sanctuary was emptied, the gymnasium set up for worship, the west wall of the sanctuary closed up, and new storage areas framed up in the old narthex. Sincere thanks to all who participated in the work!!!
  2. With the sanctuary emptied, the installation of the required sprinkler system is proceeding at a rapid pace.

Looking ahead at July:

New addition:

  1. Exterior brickwork, metal panel installation and metal coping trim will be ongoing during July.
  2. Drywall installation followed by taping and painting will take place in the new narthex.
  3. The wood ceiling for the narthex will be installed following completion of work on the walls

Sanctuary and existing narthex:

  1. Worship will take place in the gymnasium until July 28.
  2. Sprinkler pipes will be painted to match the ceiling when installation is completed.
  3. The west wall will be finished and painted.
  4. The floor will be thoroughly cleaned and refinished while the pews are out.

We are really seeing the results of all the planning and labor now as the new addition and some of the remodeling really takes shape. As we enjoy the excitement of seeing the fruition of all the plans and work we thank our heavenly Father for:

  • the safety of all who have worked long hours in all kinds of weather
  • the patience of the Mt. Olive congregation during the inevitable messes and inconveniences of construction and remodeling
  • the volunteers who have given so freely and cheerfully of their time and talents
  • the financial support of so many toward the building program

In this project, as in everything at Mt. Olive, pray that God’s will directs all and that all is done to His glory alone.