Peace with God through Jesus Christ

Building Project Update – June 18, 2019

  1. Exterior concrete work is completed.
  2. Curbing of parking lot is completed.
  3. Patching of McConnell and Fair Streets following sewer line boring is completed.
  4. Drywall taping and sanding in the new spaces to the south of the narthex are completed.
  5. Painting of the new spaces south of the narthex to begin the week of June 16.
  6. Following the painting of those spaces the ceiling grid will be installed.
  7. Drywall installation in the new narthex to begin the week of June 16.

Reminder for Help Needed:

We need people of all skill levels for setting up for services in the gym. Our part of the building project will begin on Tuesday, June 25, after Vacation Bible School, Sunday and Monday night services. Around 25-30 volunteers for each evening of June 25, 26, and 27 would be appreciated. We will try to follow this timeline:

Tuesday, June 25, 6 PM

Mt. Olive Volunteers:

Move items in social hall to accommodate pews. Begin moving out pews into the social hall. Begin setting up gym for services (Deacons, Pastors to decide layout for raised platform, altar, pulpit, cross, backdrop (?), sound system)


Begin removing windows in sanctuary, remove door into mothers’ room, remove sacristy (Altar Guild room) door and wall, remove trim work and ceiling grid and tiles.

Wednesday-Friday, 6-26 thru 6-28, 6 PM

Mt. Olive Volunteers:

Keep moving pews and setting up Gym for services


Fill in framing in windows and doorway. Frame walls in old narthex–metal framing (Joe Hinrichsen from Pietsch Construction will be in charge of the metal framing).

Saturday, June 29, 8 AM – 5 PM

Mt. Olive Volunteers:

Finish setup for services, entries, exits, usher requirements, etc.


Finish framing and anything else needed
After the week of June 25, we will have the electricians in for the wiring. When that’s inspected, we will sheetrock and finish walls and ceilings. During this time, the sprinkler system will be completed in the sanctuary. We will refinish the floor and begin moving the pews back in. Our hope is to be back in by July 21 (July 28 at the latest), depending on a smooth construction schedule.