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Building Committee Congregation Update 4/14/19

Update given by Building Committee Chair, Bill Bohning at Bi-Annual Information Meeting – April 14, 2019

Publicity Sub-Committee

  • Regular updates to the congregation continue to be provided via church bulletin, Mt. Olive Website, and Facebook

Construction Sub-Committee

  • Juel Merseth continues to spend time on-site for any questions and concerns that arise
  • Juel is also working on the plans and materials needed for the remodeling of our existing narthex area, which is a project that will be completed by our congregation.

Fundraising Sub-Committee

  • As of the end of March, 116 of the 141 original household pledges that were received have made at least one gift towards their pledged amount (82% of the total original pledges) and  $322,107 of the original $470,293 that was pledged for the project has been received (69% of the total amount pledged)
  • In addition, the project continues to receive cash gifts that are not directly related to any pledges that were made.  The total of these non-pledged gifts is currently $22,947.


  • John Sehloff continues to work with ECS, VSI, and Maximum Technology to finalize bids for technology and door security costs that are not part of WEB’s project bid.  We had $30,000 set aside for this in the budget and the initial bids John has received total $44,000.  John believes he may be able to get this down to $40,000.

Project Status Update

Current Projects In Process

  • WEB has been working with Kenne Masonry and Adam Saidler on substituting limestone for the light colored brick that will be used to accent the building exterior and lower portions of the support columns for the new main entrance. Per Josh, switching to limestone will be cost neutral or may even be a little less expensive due to the pricing we are being given for the limestone and the generous donation of Adam’s time.
  • All of the piping for the roof drains has been completed
  • The new exterior windows have been received and installed
  • Issue With Existing Sanitary Sewer Line
  • A serious problem with our existing sanitary sewer line was discovered two weeks ago when work began on the underground utilities. The sewer system for the new facility needs to tie into an existing sanitary sewer line on the east side of the facility. After digging down to the existing line it was discovered that it was a cast iron line and was greatly deteriorated and near end of life. Unfortunately, construction work is at a standstill until this issue is resolved and the expense to resolve it is in addition to our budgeted cost for the project. A number of options have been researched to resolve this issue, but only two have been determined viable;
    • Option 1 – Bore a new 4” sanitary sewer line from the new addition to tie in located on Fair St.  The estimated cost for this option is $40,000, which includes 10% contingency.
    • Option 2 – Lift station with grinder and dual pumps.  The estimated cost for this option is $27,000, which includes 10% contingency

Financial Update

Current Estimated Project Costs vs. Approved Project Funding

  • The last congregational update on January 27th included a slide that outlined our current project cost status, including the two major issues related to soil correction and roof drainage.  At that time, the estimated financing required was $1,120,208  and the funding approved by the voters was $1,200,000.  That left us with a positive gap of $79,792 between the estimated financing required for the project and the funding level approved by the voters.
  • Since that time, two large ticket items have been identified that will add additional expense to the project and eat into that positive gap.  They are as follows;
  • As outlined earlier, the issue with the sanitary sewer– two options with estimates ranging from $27,000 to $40,000
  • As outlined earlier, the additional funds necessary to properly address all of the security and technology needs for the project– rough estimate of $10,000
  • The good news is that we have been blessed with additional funding from grants and congregational gifts that will cover this additional expense and allow us to stay within the approved project budget.  We still have a positive gap of $34,609 between approved funding and financing required.

Expense & Funding Comparison

  • The following image provides a comparison of the estimated project costs and approved funding from the January 27th congregational update to where we stand today

Construction Schedule Update

Project Schedule

  • Construction update meetings continue to take place every other Friday morning at 7:30 am.  Attendees include Josh Williams (WEB), Bill Bohning, Juel Merseth, Lois Jaeger, John Sehloff, Mark Olson, and Steve Jaeger
  • As shared previously – WEB estimates the sanctuary will be unusable for services for a period of 3-4 weeks. This period of time is somewhat flexible as it is dependent on the installation of the new sprinkler system in the sanctuary. Mt. Olive can choose a timeframe for this work to be done, which means this can wait until late spring/summer of 2019.
  • Unfortunately, all construction work is currently on hold until the issue with the sanitary sewer line is resolved.  Once resolved, work on the following projects will take place;
    • Completion of underground utility work
    • Samples of exposed aggregate poured to determine the best color match with the sanctuary floor
    • Completion of floor grading
    • Pouring of the exposed aggregate floor
    • Troweled concrete floors will also be poured following the floor grading
    • Begin interior framing

Glass Wall Rendering and Video

Below is a rendering of what the glass doors will look like in the back of the sanctuary from the new narthex. A video showing how they move into place is available here.

Thank You

The Building Committee wishes to thank everyone for your continued involvement, support, contributions, patience, and expertise that are all so vital to the success of the project!