Peace with God through Jesus Christ

Building Project Update – March 26, 2019

Construction status:

  • The new construction area is now enclosed and the ground has been thawed to a depth of about 3 feet.
  • Work on the roof drainage system continues.
  • Clean-up continues in the new construction area in preparation for upcoming work there.

Construction Schedule timeline through April 20:

  •  Work will begin on underground utilities as soon as the frost is completely thawed out of the ground in the new construction work area
  • After the ground is thawed, samples of exposed aggregate can be poured to determine the best match with the sanctuary floor.
  • More temporary lighting will be installed in the new construction area.
  • Work will begin on flashing for the windows in preparation for their installation.
  • Framing and blocking will begin on the canopy, followed by installation of the canopy roof.
  • Floor grading for the exposed aggregate floor can begin following the installation of the underground utilities
  • Troweled concrete floors will also be poured following the floor grading.