Peace with God through Jesus Christ

Building Project Update – November 30, 2018

Temporary wall in back of sanctuaryTemporary wall in sanctuary

The way the temporary wall at the rear of the sanctuary had to be constructed resulted in the loss of the aisle behind the last row of pews. As a result, the congregation is asked to consider the impact of this change during services, leaving the portions of the pews closest to the sanctuary entrances available for families with small children and others who may require ready access to the exits. THE GOOD NEWS in all this is that we will be able to use our sanctuary for nearly all of the construction time AND we are not losing any seating capacity because no pews have been removed and all the chairs have simply been relocated throughout the sanctuary.

Parking lot lights

The conduit is in place for new lights for the parking lot and light poles should be installed in the next few weeks.
Framing of new area
Steel is expected to be delivered the week of December 16 and framing should begin at that time.

Work in social hall

Water lines, sprinkler lines, and electrical service for the new construction will be run over the top of the ceiling of the social hall. To minimize interruption of the use of the social hall this work will be done from December 20–31 when there is no Sunday school or Sunday Bible study and the CDS is on break.

Thank you!

Sincere thanks to the congregation for the support, patience and good humor that have been displayed so far. Please continue to keep Mt. Olive and the project in your prayers.