Peace with God through Jesus Christ

Tree, bush, and plant removal – FREE!

Areas for tree, bush, and plant removal
All of the trees, bushes, and plants located along the following areas of our facility need to be removed for our building project:

  • The immediate area around our current main entrance on McConnell St., including the outside wall that runs along the cry room, band, room, etc.
  • The outer wall of the gymnasium and school that runs along McConnell St.
  • The boulevard located between the two entrances to our parking lot along McConnell Street

Any Mt. Olive members who wish to have any of the trees, bushes, or plants that are located in these specific areas may dig them out and take them FOR FREE!
For trees that require larger equipment to move, Jordan Smith of Smith Landscaping has offered the services of his company at his cost to move them. If you are interested in obtaining and moving any of the larger trees, you MUST contact Smith Landscaping at 507-218-4596 BEFORE SEPTEMBER 5th and identify yourself as a Mt. Olive member to get the cost and set up a time for removal.
ALL TREES, BUSHES AND PLANTS MUST BE REMOVED BEFORE SEPTEMBER 10. This is a first-come-first-served offer!