Peace with God through Jesus Christ

Building Committee Update – July 29

On Sunday, July 29, 2018, the voters of Mt. Olive met and discussed the best way to proceed with the building project as the estimated project cost had exceeded the $1.0M in additional financing that had been previously approved. Items having the largest impact on estimated costs exceeding budget are as follows:

  • Additional requirements from the City of Mankato have resulted in additional costs for curb and gutter and additional parking
  • Estimated savings of $20,000 related to a change in roof construction only turned out to be a savings of $2,000
  • Additional needs/costs for technology infrastructure have been identified that were not included in the original project cost estimate
  • Increases in material costs such as steel, which has increased by 33% since the China tariffs were imposed, have added additional cost to the project

The decision was made by the voters to increase the approved funding for the building project to a potential $1.2M (up from $1.0M) to cover these additional costs. Also discussed were the possibilities of a couple of outside grant opportunities that will be explored by the building committee as well as the impact of volunteer help from congregation members during the project, all of which could potentially lower the final costs.
As of now the final construction documents have been completed and sent to WEB Construction, our Construction Manager at Risk. A Maximum Guaranteed Price Agreement is being drawn up to be signed by WEB and Mt. Olive.
Discussions are also underway regarding a formal groundbreaking ceremony and possible celebration as the project begins. Please watch and listen for information regarding this in the near future.
God has richly blessed Mt. Olive with His grace, His love, and His protection. Please continue to thank and praise Him for all His goodness toward us and pray that all aspects of this project be done to His glory and to the good of His children, both within our little flock and those yet to be reached by our mission.