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Building Committee Update: Summary of 2018 Activity


  • The loan was secured for financing the building project
  • Schematic Design phase of the project was completed
  • The building committee met with ISG to review a tentative/preliminary project schedule
  • The Design Development phase began, which involved the research and selection of building systems/materials and floor/wall coverings that would be utilized in each area of the new addition
  • The process began for selecting a contractor to serve as our CMAR partner (Construction Manager At Risk) for the project
  • Two project updates were provided to the congregation via insertion into worship bulletins and postings on the Mt. Olive website


  • Two building committee meetings were held to complete a detailed review, discussion, and decision-making process for all suggestions for the project that had been submitted by members of the congregation
  • The committee discussed grant opportunities with Antioch and Lutheran School Subsidy (through ELS).  The application periods for grants for both of these had already closed but will reopen again in the fall of 2018 for 2019 grant consideration.
  • Discussions began on the possibility of adding the covered drive up for the new main entrance back into the project if the necessary funds could be raised.  The covered drive up had been removed from the original project scope due to budgetary reasons.
  • Juel Merseth, Greg Lieske, Tom Bode, and Bill Bohning conducted interviews with contractors who had expressed interest in serving as our CMAR partner for the project.  Following these interviews, WEB Construction was selected to fill this role.


  • Design Development phase continues
  • Architect contract signed between Mt. Olive and ISG
  • CMAR (Construction Manager At Risk) contract signed between Mt. Olive and WEB
  • Numerous site visits by ISG and WEB took place to take measurements, take photographs, and gather key other key information necessary for the Design Development phase of the project
  • Round 1 of key meetings take place between ISG and specific user groups and committees to gather specific details around the needs, uses, and finishes for each space in the new addition
  • Continued discussions and research leads to a proposal at the March 25th voters meeting to add the covered drive up for the new main entrance back into the project provided that the full estimated cost of $100,000 be covered by additional pledges made specifically to fund it.  This proposal was approved by the voters.
  • ISG issued preliminary schematic plans to WEB so they could begin fine tuning project costs and pricing
  • Two project updates were provided to the congregation via insertion into worship bulletins and postings on the Mt. Olive website


  • Design Development phase continues
  • Round 2 of key meetings between ISG and specific user groups and committees take place to continue detailed discussions on the needs, uses, and finishes for each space in the new addition
  • ISG’s interior designer met with the building committee to present finishing materials and color recommendations for discussion and approval
  • The building committee met to continue their work to identify the locations, square footage, storage, etc. necessary to address the needs of the user groups who will be utilizing the vacated spaces that will be remodeled within our existing facility
  • A campaign thermometer display was created for the narthex to show the progress being made on fundraising efforts
  • An informational update was held for the congregation on April 22nd
  • Two project updates were provided to the congregation via insertion into worship bulletins and postings on the Mt. Olive website


  • Design Development phase continues
  • ISG and WEB met with the building committee to present their first progress report on the Design Development phase of the project.  A wide variety of items were discussed in detail for clarification, revisions, and decisions. An updated cost estimate for the project was also reviewed and the building committee needed to make several decisions to keep the project within the budgetary requirements. Some of the more significant decisions that were made are as follows;
    • Change from tile flooring in the new narthex and corridors to exposed aggregate flooring like we have in current facility
    • Change a couple of other finishes and countertop materials
    • Reduce landscaping costs by making final landscaping the responsibility of our congregation (ISG will still provide the landscaping recommendations and design)
    • Remove the actual movable partition wall in the kindergarten room, but keep the construction/engineering infrastructure for it in place so this wall can be added easily in the future if needed.  This decision was discussed and approved by Mrs. Gunderson and the Board of Ed.
    • Remove the basement from the project. The basement in the original project design was needed primarily to house the utilities required for the new construction, along with some additional square footage for church/school storage.  ISG engineers have now determined that these utilities can be handled with rooftop units. As a result, the decisions was made to eliminate the basement from the project and replace the square footage for storage that would be lost with a storage area on the main floor of the design plan (see revised design plan rendering).  This decision to remove the basement reduced costs and provided much easier access to the additional storage space.
  • Building committee members visited a church and business in town to see the design and operation of movable glass walls that were installed at those facilities.  These visits were made to gain a better understanding of how this solution will function as the new wall between our sanctuary and the new narthex.
  • The building project was approved by the Mankato Site Planning Committee on May 16th
  • ISG presented our building project to the Mankato Planning Commission on May 23rd for a conditional use permit and to get their approval for three variances that were necessary for the project.  Everything was approved by the Planning Commission.
  • Construction Document phase begins
  • Two project updates were provided for the congregation via insertion into worship bulletins and postings on the Mt. Olive website.


  • Design Development and Construction Document phases continue
  • Change Made To Security Portion of Building Project
    • The current cost estimate from WEB for our building project included $10,000 to address security items needed for the new addition only;
    • Following the intruder incident that took place earlier this year, Chad Sorensen has been leading the effort on behalf of the Board of Education and Trustees to develop and implement a plan that addresses the security needs and improvements needed for the existing facility only.
    • As a result, one important piece of building security was owned by the building committee and another important piece was owned by Chad, the Board of Education, and the Trustees.  This resulted in many questions and much confusion on who was working on what and what was included or not included in each plan.  There was also much concern on how we were going to coordinate these two security efforts to ensure that we ended up with the best overall security solution at the best cost.
    • After many discussions between Bill Bohning and Chad Sorensen, it was felt that the separated “new” and “existing” security projects needed to be unified under one owner in order to maximize success and accomplish the following;
      • The entire security solution will be identified and owned by one owner, which eliminates the confusion on which group owns what pieces of security and ensures that all necessary pieces are covered
      • Unification into one project will enable working directly with vendors on bids for the entire system in order to get the best possible price
      • Unification into one project results in one vendor supplying and installing all of the components necessary for a unified and cohesive security system
      • Unification into one project results in one vendor who will be responsible for the planning and coordination of the installation “phases” that are required, which include getting security improvements installed this summer in the existing facility, addressing temporary main entrance security needs when construction begins, and installing security controls at new entrances and internal checkpoints as new construction proceeds.
    • As a result, the following proposal was presented to the Building Committee;
      • Proposal – remove the security pieces that are currently included in the building project, along with the $10,000 currently included in the project estimate, and turn it over to Chad Sorensen who, along with the Board of Education and Trustees, will become the owners of the entire security project plan (new and existing) for our facility.  
      • This proposal was unanimously approved by the members of the Building Committee and Chad, the Board of Education, and the Trustees were notified of that decision.
  • Fundraising update
    • As of 5/31/18, 83 of the 141 original household pledges that were received have made at least one gift towards their pledged amount (59% of the total original pledges)
    • As of 5/31/18, $136,900 of the $472,300 total that was pledged for the project has been received (29.0% of the total amount pledged)
    • An additional $6,100 has been received towards the project that is not directly related to any pledges that were made
  • Technology update – John Sehloff is currently working on technology infrastructure planning that includes working with ISG electrical engineers to identify all of the drops required to serve the technology needs of our new construction and assessing what is required to centralize and re-engineer some of our technology and audio controls into a new data room/closet that is included in the plans for remodeling the vacated spaces within our existing facility.

Future Activity

  • Early July 2018 – additional update meetings with ISG and WEB to review progress, finalize updated cost estimates, and close out the Design Development phase of the project
  • July 2018 – presentation of our project to the Mankato City Council for their approval
  • ESTIMATED Late July 2018 – completion of the Construction Documents phase of the project
  • ESTIMATED Late July to mid-August 2018 –  conduct bidding process with subcontractors and make subcontractor selections
  • ESTIMATED Late August to mid-September 2018 – new construction begins
  • ESTIMATED Mid to late October – enclosure of new narthex area
  • ESTIMATED Mid to late May 2019 – enclosure of new admin area and kindergarten room
  • ESTIMATED Mid-December 2019 – final project closed out (new construction only)
  • NOTE – the new kindergarten will need to be ready for occupancy prior to the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, but there is not an estimated date for that at this time.  
  • NOTE – the congregational project to remodel the existing spaces being vacated will take place when moves are made from the current spaces into the new construction.  Estimated dates for the remodeling project have not been determined at this time.