Peace with God through Jesus Christ

Building Committee Update – May 20

The Building Committee met on Tuesday, May 15. The interior designer from ISG brought samples of
many of the finishes and colors that had been selected by the user groups for various areas of new
construction. The committee discussed and provided input on the various choices and approved the
items that have been decided upon at this time.
As noted in the May 6 Update, various items regarding the project were identified at the May 1 meeting
with ISG and WEB as needing “additional research and analysis by ISG and WEB.” The committee spent
time discussing the responses from ISG and WEB and their impact on the final plans. All decisions by the
committee will now be shared with ISG to be incorporated into the schematic design and the cost
estimates. Refining of the schematic design will continue until all necessary decisions have been made
resulting in a final cost estimate for the project.
The committee also discussed a variety of items regarding various additional aspects of the project and
will continue to keep the congregation as well informed as possible on continued progress. The
committee requests the ongoing prayers of the congregation that decisions and plans may all be in
accord with God’s good and gracious will for His church here at Mt. Olive.