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Schematic Design Phase moving along

On Tuesday, May 1, the Building Committee met with representatives from ISG and WEB Construction for an update on the progress that has been made in the “Schematic Design Phase” of our building project.
During this phase the architects and designers from ISG have been meeting with user groups to gain additional input related to various areas of the new construction in order to best accommodate the wishes and needs of the congregation and school. This detailed input is allowing the team from ISG to provide more accurate details and descriptions to WEB as they continue to refine their estimated costs for the project.
At Tuesday’s meeting, ISG presented their refined design plans and WEB presented their first rough cost estimates. The meeting was very productive and a wide variety of items were discussed in great detail that were either clarified, revised, agreed upon, or required additional research and analysis by ISG and WEB.
As a result of this meeting, ISG will now be able to continue refining the design plans, which allows WEB to continue dialing in their cost estimates. Future update meetings will take place to continue refining all details related to the project until a final schematic design and cost estimate is arrived at and agreed upon.
The Building Committee will do its best to continue to keep the congregation informed of the process and progress.