Peace with God through Jesus Christ

Building Committee Update – April 22

  • Contracts have been signed between Mt. Olive and ISG as architects for the project and with WEB as Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR).
  • A loan agreement has been signed with the bank to cover our current mortgage, the amount approved by the voters for the building project when construction begins, and funds to purchase additional houses if they become available.
  • At the special voter’s meeting on March 25, 2018, the voter’s approved adding the covered drive up back into the building project provided that the full estimated cost of $100,000 be covered by additional pledges made specifically to fund that addition. To date, $82,600 of the $100,000 cost has been pledged. These pledges will be tracked separately to ensure that this additional cost is covered.
  • WEB Construction personnel conducted site visits on April 6 and April 10 to take a look at the facility and gather information.
  • Two rounds of discussions with select user groups and ISG representatives have taken place in March and April to refine preliminary design plans and discuss finishing options. These user groups are as follows:
    • Kindergarten Classroom (Mrs. Gunderson and Principal Rude)
    • Admin/Office (Both pastors, Principal Rude, and admin staff)
    • Narthex/Worship (a group of selected congregation members along with building committee members Sally Sorensen and Mathias Leyrer)
    • Technology/Security (Mt. Olive Technology Committee)
    • Maintenance (our staff who does the actual custodial work for our facility)
    • Youth Groups (the leaders of our Junior and Senior youth groups)
  • Progress update from Justin Steffl (ISG Project Manager)
    • ISG issued preliminary schematic plans to WEB Construction and then met with them on April 5th to review those documents and answer any questions WEB had.
    • Following the April 5th meeting with ISG, WEB has been working on initial costs/pricing related to the preliminary schematic plans.
  • A meeting is being scheduled in early May for ISG and WEB to provide the building committee with an overall update/presentation on the status of the design documents and where WEB’s initial costing is coming in at.
  • Through March 31, $105,000 in gifts have been received out of the $473,000 in total pledges that were made, which is a great start. Half of our members who made pledges have submitted their first gift and we encourage all members with pledges to begin making contributions towards your pledge as we get closer to groundbreaking this Fall.