Peace with God through Jesus Christ

Building program moves into Phase II – Design Development

The “Building on our Mission” program has moved into Phase II – Design Development. As noted in our last update, “This phase will involve the engineering, interior design, and architectural teams at ISG working together to research building system and material options to ensure that everything can be integrated easily into the overall facility plans.”  This phase is expected to continue through May.” The building committee has held three lengthy meetings since entering this stage to discuss input and suggestions that pertain specifically to the “new construction” portion of the project.
In addition, interviews have been conducted with potential contractors who had accepted an invitation to submit application documents for the project. As a result of those interviews WEB Construction, a Mankato company, has been selected as Mt. Olive’s contractor partner for our project. The WEB team will now begin working very closely with the ISG team as they progress through each phase of the project in the months ahead. ISG will also be scheduling meetings as needed directly with those involved in the use of specific areas of the “new construction” portion of the project. Our construction sub-committee and building committee will also be working very closely with ISG and WEB during all phases of our project.
As the building committee, sub-committees, and all those involved in the planning of this project continue to meet, please keep all in your prayers for wisdom as decisions are made. Prayer and patience are key ingredients in a project such as this and it is the sincere desire of everyone on the building committee that everything be done to the glory of God and according to His will.