Peace with God through Jesus Christ

Meeting with architect and target dates for new construction

The Mt. Olive Building Committee met with architect Bryan Paulsen on Thursday, January 25 and can now report the following to the congregation:

1. The loan commitment papers have been signed securing today’s desirable interest rate.

2. Bryan Paulsen (ISG architects) provided a TARGET (not definitive) timeline for the project from ISG which involves the new construction portion of the project.

3. We have now officially proceeded from the Schematic Design (Phase One) to the Design Development (Phase Two). This phase will involve the engineering, interior design, and architectural teams at ISG working together to research building system and material options to ensure that everything can be integrated easily into the overall facility plans. This phase is expected to continue through May. Architects and designers will meet as needed with the Building Committee as a whole and with the Construction Sub-Committee. Separate meetings will be held for those involved in the use of areas specific to the new construction areas.

4. Meetings with users of the existing spaces we will be remodeling ourselves will take place at a later date as work can’t begin in those areas until the new construction is completed.

5. The Construction Documents (Phase 3) will take place in June through mid-July. During this phase ISG will create a full set of construction documents that encompass all plans and specifications for the project. These documents include the plans for civil engineering, architecture, structural engineering, mechanical engineering (HVAC & plumbing), and electrical engineering.

6. The Bidding Process (Phase 4) is scheduled to take place during the last half of July and possibly early August.

7. The initial TARGET date for starting the necessary work involving the rooms behind the sanctuary is late August of this year with construction of the new narthex hopefully beginning sometime in September.

8. At this point, the TARGET date for the completion of the new construction is August or September of 2019. NOTE: The new kindergarten room is targeted to be completed prior to this date so it can be ready in time for the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

9. The remodeling of the existing areas that our congregation is responsible for will begin after they have been vacated and moved into their newly constructed spaces. Meetings with users of the areas that will be remodeled will take place well before any work begins to ensure that we do the best job possible in satisfying the needs of all users.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to remember that these are TARGET DATES. It is equally important to bear in mind that these dates reflect the urgency of having our facility ready in the fall of 2019 when the larger classroom will become necessary for kindergarten. As was cautioned, this is a complex process with a lengthy timeline. Every effort will be made to keep the congregation updated along the way so please continue to watch for information on the website, Facebook, Sunday bulletins, and the Olive Press.
And especially please continue to pray for all aspects of the Mt. Olive congregation and her members.