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Building Project Overview

Mt. Olive Building Project Overview, September 27, 2017
A study to gather input on the present and future facility needs of the church and school began in late December 2015 with a Needs Assessment that was requested by the Church Council and conducted by Bill Bohning.  Meetings and/or discussions were conducted from December 2015 through April 2016 with the Board of Deacons, the Board of Trustees, the Board of Education, the pastors, the school faculty, Principal Rude, the Women’s Bible Study Group, and the secretaries to gather input on what they felt were priorities related to facility needs.  The results of that assessment were compiled and presented to the Church Council in May of 2016.
After reviewing that assessment a decision was made by the council to form a Building Committee.  The purpose of that committee was to conduct an in-depth analysis with all groups who utilize the facility on a regular basis, identify their needs, measure priorities and identify a potential building project that would address the needs expressed specifically by those groups.  Specific direction/guidance was given to the committee to address pressing needs, not just for the present, but for the future as well.  The Building Committee, along with sub-committees for Fundraising, Publicity, and Construction was formed shortly thereafter and held its first meeting on May 18, 2016.
After formation of the Building Committee, meetings were either held with, or information gathered from, 12 additional boards, committees, and groups that utilize space on a regular basis within the church and school to gather their input on what they felt their priorities were related to facility needs.
10 Building Committee meetings were held to review and carefully assess the input from all of these groups and conduct a detailed and exhaustive process to identify and prioritize the true facility needs/concerns that were expressed, with special attention given to common needs expressed across all groups.
The prioritized needs identified for a potential building project, along with the components of the proposed plan that addresses those needs, are as follows;

  • ADDRESS security for school and church.
    • The need – to ensure a much higher level of security for the children of our school and for our congregation at large without loss of accessibility.
    • The proposed project addresses this need with the ability to control access at a single point at the main entrance for the entire facility as well as providing the ability to control access within the facility based on the church or school activity that is taking place at any particular time or day (shown in architectural renderings on display in the lobby).
  • INCREASE available space for fellowship activities, meetings, school-related activities, and various groups.
    • The need – there are at least 20 different boards, committees, and groups who utilize the facility for meetings, bible studies, and various activities. We currently have only one formal meeting room and the fellowship hall that are suited to accommodate not only the number of these groups, but the size of some of them as well.  As a result, a variety of spaces that are less than accommodating are utilized on a regular basis both during and after hours including classrooms, the library, the youth room, and the basement (which legally should be used for storage only).
    • The proposed project addresses this need with the creation of additional multi-purpose rooms, and additional conference room, and an expanded youth room (shown in architectural renderings on display in the lobby).
  • CREATE a permanent solution to address kindergarten class size/space needs/requirements.
    • The need – as expressed by the Board of Education, the faculty, and the school principal, is that two classrooms are currently utilized for the kindergarten class. This is only made possible due to a current classroom that has combined grades.  By the beginning of the 2019 school year that class will have graduated and one classroom will be required for each grade.  This will result in only one classroom being available for kindergarten, which reduces their current space by one half.
    • The proposed project addresses this need with construction of a new kindergarten class that meets state space requirements for up to 30 students. The new kindergarten room is designed with its’ own bathroom, sink, storage cubbies for students, and can be divided in half when needed to conduct two separate learning experiences or activities at the same time.  In addition, the construction of the new kindergarten room results in one of the existing classrooms becoming an “extra” room that could be utilized to provide an additional learning environment for current enrollment or an additional classroom for future enrollment growth (all shown in architectural renderings on display in the lobby).
  • IMPROVE office space for pastors, support staff, and principal.
    • The need – to enhance the physical work environment for our pastors, support staff, and principal and to provide an environment in which the pastors and principal have the necessary privacy and professional spaces to meet with members, parents, and students.
    • The proposed project addresses this need with the construction of a new administration area that includes larger and improved workspaces for the pastors, the school principal, and support staff. This design also provides the ability to screen and check in all visitors to the facility and includes a lobby and waiting area, a conference room, a workroom, and a sick room for children (all shown in architectural renderings on display in the lobby).
  • IMPROVE our main entrance and narthex.
    • The need – to facilitate better pedestrian flow before, between, and after worship services as well as church and school events to better serve guests, and visitors, members, and fellowship opportunities. Many groups gave numerous examples of the challenges our current spaces present today. Many members have shared personal accounts of visitors being uncomfortable navigating overcrowding in the Narthex or getting lost in the building due to an unclear layout.
    • The proposed project addresses this need with the construction of a new main entrance and narthex to facilitate better pedestrian flow and fellowship opportunities and also provides a much improved environment for certain times of the year or occasions when overflow seating for the sanctuary is required (shown in architectural renderings in lobby).
  • ENHANCE curb appeal.
    • The need – to present a more user-friendly, welcoming, and less confusing environment and to make it clear and recognizable to visitors and guests that our facility is indeed a church and school. Again, numerous examples were provided from many groups related to the challenges this presents today.
    • The proposed project addresses this need with the new main entrance to the church and school that incorporates a covered drop off and the ability to clearly identify the facility as Mt. Olive Church and School (shown in architectural renderings on display in lobby).
  • ADDRESS the need for additional storage space as well as better utilization of existing storage space.
    • The need – storage of items for various groups, uses, and needs, currently takes place all over the facility. Many of these locations are inconvenient, impede on space intended for other uses, or are in public view due to a lack of space designated for storage only.
    • The proposed project addresses this need with the creation of additional designated storage spaces as well as a new basement that will be located under the new administration area (shown in architectural renderings on display in the lobby).
    • The needs – the construction of the new main entrance and narthex results in the displacement of the current band room, band office, and Title 1 tutoring room, which are currently located behind the back wall of the sanctuary. In addition, the current band room is too small and inadequate for the current number of band students or the storage of any musical instruments. In addition, no centralized storage area currently exists for the needs of other musical groups such as the senior choir, youth choirs, or hand bells.
    • The proposed project addresses these needs with the construction of a new music room, a music office, and music storage that can be utilized by all music groups. The design also includes a new Title 1 room (all shown in architectural renderings on display in the lobby).

All of the project components listed above were brought together in a proposal for a building project that was presented to the Church Council in March of this year along with a request of the council for approval to move forward with presenting the project to the congregation after both services on March 19th and approval to move ahead with the development and execution of a fundraising plan for the project.  The council gave their approval and since that time the following activities have taken place;

  • The proposed project along with estimated costs for the project, architectural renderings of the project, and “next steps” for the project was presented to the congregation between services on March 19
  • A Fundraising plan was developed and conducted through a series of 20 cottage meetings that took place during the last week of April and the first week of May. Each meeting included a detailed presentation by members of the Building Committee along with an informational packet that included a hard copy of the presentation, an campaign Case For Support brochure that provided additional information on Mt. Olive and the proposed project, and a pledge card.  Members who were unable to attend cottage meetings were encouraged to pick up informational packets located in the narthex.  All members were asked to prayerfully consider their support of the project and return the pledge card by June 1st, 2017.
  • Numerous reminders were inserted in worship bulletins, distributed through email, and posted on the Mt. Olive website in April and May reminding the congregation of the June 1st
  • At the June meeting of the Church Council the Building Committee recommended to the council that the response deadline be extended to October 1st in order to provide more time for members to respond to the proposed project. As of June the Fundraising Subcommittee had only received 109 responses.

Summary As Of Today, September 24, 2017

  • Project Cost Review – the estimated cost for the project is $2.3 million. The financial components/targets for funding of the proposed project are as follows;
    • $316,915 = current funds on hand
    • $1,000,000 = congregational fundraising target
    • $983,085 = net balance to be financed (projected

It is now one week before the October 1st deadline and, as of today, only 125 pledge forms have been returned, representing $452,394 in total funds pledged towards the project.  The Fundraising Subcommittee estimates the 125 pledge forms returned represents 48% of our active membership.  The $452,394 represents 45% of the $1 million fundraising goal that was established for this project.  What we are striving to achieve by October 1st is a 100% response from the estimated 260 active members of our congregation, with at least a yes or no, to determine overall support of the project – outside of any additional financial support.  In an effort to achieve that, members of the Fundraising Subcommittee are in the process of contacting all active members who have not responded to determine their position on the project.  Support, or non-support of the project, pledge or no pledge, the important thing is to get a response from all active members recorded so we are able to accurately determine the overall level of interest, or lack thereof, for the project. This information is critical in guiding the Building Committee in preparing and presenting their final recommendation on the project to the Church Council on October 9th.  It is of utmost importance that this recommendation takes into account the position of as many of our members as possible.  Thank you in advance for your response to these calls.
Informational packets and Gift Forms are available in the Narthex and in the Church office. If you have not already done so, please complete a form stating your position on the project and submit it at the church office as soon as possible as soon as possible.  Again, the deadline for response to this project proposal is October 1st.
Mt. Olive Building Committee Members