Peace with God through Jesus Christ

Building Project Update – January 13, 2017

The Mt. Olive Building Committee has met several times since the last update in December. ISG and architect Bryan Paulsen continue to make refinements and adjustments during this “design phase” of the project per directives from the building committee. Plans are still too preliminary to present to the congregation but we are pleased to report that progress is being made. As mentioned before, this is a very complex project involving multiple needs expressed by our members and user groups. As plans continue to be refined, the building committee returns regularly to the original “Needs Assessment Prioritization” document to stay focused on the needs identified most often and most widely across the congregation. As shared with the congregation back in October, the number one priorities to be addressed are as follows:

  • A new main entrance to the facility with enhanced curb appeal and a covered drop-off
  • Improved security that addresses external access to the church and school as well as the ability to control internal access to specific areas of the facility based on the need or event
  • Larger narthex space that offers an open and welcoming atmosphere and creates better traffic flow for people attending church, school, and events
  • Improve office space and working arrangements for pastors, church staff, and principal
  • Increase available space for fellowship, kindergarten class size, school related activities, and use by other various groups
  • A combination of additional storage space and more effective use of current storage spaces

The committee is working diligently to incorporate all of these priorities into the design plan and is looking forward to sharing these plans with the congregation as soon as they reach a more refined/detailed stage, which may not be until middle or late February. Please continue to keep the Building Committee and the Mt. Olive congregation always in your prayers.