Peace with God through Jesus Christ

Building Project Update – November 2016

On November 2, architect Bryan Paulsen met with representatives from the following specific user groups to gather valuable information and insights pertinent to the specific needs and wishes of the Mt. Olive congregation:

  • Narthex
  • Administration
  • Education
  • Facilities

In addition to arranging that four-hour meeting, Building Committee member Sally Sorensen contacted additional groups who utilize the facility for specific uses, meetings, gatherings, etc. Questionnaires were sent to representatives of the following groups:

  • Band
  • Kitchen
  • Jesus Cares
  • Junior and Senior Youth Groups
  • Pioneers
  • Bible Studies
  • Altar Guild
  • Nursery
  • Lego Team

The questionnaires requested feedback on each group’s:

  • Space requirements
  • Number of attendees
  • Furniture/technology needs
  • Storage needs
  • Frequency of use

Completed questionnaires, along with information from the November 2nd meeting are now in the hands of the architectural team and we await word from ISG regarding their recommendations for our project.
We give thanks to God that He has blessed our congregation in allowing us to be positioned to consider a new building project. As always, we request your prayers for the committee, the architects and their work, and for our congregation that everything may be done to God’s glory in a way that his pleasing to Him.