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Information Meeting and Architects Meeting Update

Information Meeting

Representatives of the Mt. Olive Building Committee reported on progress to date at the Information Meeting held between services on Sunday, October 23. Chairman Bill Bohning briefly outlined the steps involved in the selection of the architectural firm of ISG. He reported that architects and engineers from ISG had toured Mt. Olive with Juel Merseth and Greg Lieske on October 10 and were currently working on the schedule for the “pre-design” phase of the project which will result in the creation of conceptual plans with renderings and estimated costs. Members of the Building Committee also presented additional information regarding finances currently approved from the Mueller estate and fundraising plans for future cottage meetings with members of the congregation. News and updates of committee progress are available to the congregation via Sunday bulletins, monthly Olive Press articles, and the Mt. Olive website which will archive all announcements and updates.

First Meeting with Architects

On Tuesday, October 25 the Building Committee met with project manager Justin Steffl, lead architect Bryan Paulsen, and interior designer Staci Flemming from ISG. The team from ISG sought further information regarding the needs included in the Mt. Olive proposed project and the prioritization of those needs. ISG requested meetings during the week of October 30 with representatives from Mt. Olive in a “user study” to gain as much input and information as possible as they begin the task of creating potential designs to best address the congregation’s needs.
Please continue to watch the website, Sunday bulletins and Olive Press for future updates.