Peace with God through Jesus Christ

Building Project Update – October 2016

Our Mission

“The mission of Mount Olive Lutheran Church is to proclaim the Gospel of Christ through God’s Word, so that souls are called into and kept in the Christian faith unto eternal life.”
“Mt. Olive Lutheran School exists to carry out Christ’s commission to make disciples of all nations, by assisting parents in the Christian training of their children to live a life of faith here on earth and forever after in heaven.”
After reviewing Request for Proposal documents from three architectural firms the interview team from the Building Committee conducted interviews of two firms. At its September 20 meeting the Building Committee unanimously selected ISG to serve as the architectural firm for the project.

Our Vision

Upon careful review and extensive discussion of the many suggestions from the congregation, the task of the Building Committee has been to prioritize which items appear to be the most immediate needs and which also serve to best support the mission of our church and school. The Building Committee’s recommendation is that a combination of new construction and remodeling of current spaces will be necessary to accomplish these goals and will request that the following items be considered by the chosen architect when preparing the initial pre-design phase:

The Project

  • IMPROVE our main entrance and narthex
  • ENHANCE curb appeal
  • ADDRESS security for school and church
  • IMPROVE office space for pastors, support staff, and principal
  • INCREASE available space for fellowship, meetings, kindergarten class size, school-related activities, and various groups
  • ADDRESS the need for additional storage for items above

Desired Results

  • FACILITATING better pedestrian flow before, between, and after worship to better serve our members and guests
  • PRESENTING a more user-friendly, welcoming, and less confusing entrance to our visitors
  • PROVIDING more and better facilities for fellowship opportunities, larger kindergarten classes, meetings, groups within the congregation and the community, and for various events
  • ENSURING better security for the children of our school and for the congregation at large
  • ENHANCING the physical work environment for our pastors, support staff, and principal
  • IMPROVING the storage, arrangement and usefulness of current facilities impacted by the addition

ISG will be engaging with the Building Committee and select user groups over the next two months to collect the information and ideas necessary to create a schematic design for potential building projects. Please remember your congregation and your building committee in prayer, asking God to guide us all to decisions and to the direction most pleasing to Him.