Peace with God through Jesus Christ

The Olive Press — May 2016

Dear Mount Olive Members and Friends,

We are now nearing the close of this school year.  For us at Mount Olive that means the end of the Christian Day School year, as our 145 students in Kindergarten through Eighth grade look forward to their summer break.  We hope that all the children will have a good summer as they go on vacations, play baseball and softball, go swimming and just rest at home.
Many thanks to our CDS faculty for their faithful work on behalf of the students once again this year.  How blessed we are to have such dedicated men and women devote their time and energy to the children entrusted to their care and instruction!  We hope also that our Christian Day School teachers and all the school staff will have a great summer as they take a little time to unwind and refresh from the rigors of the school year.
We want to thank also our Sunday School teachers for their diligence in providing all the children of our church with an interesting and inspiring experience on Sunday mornings through the school year.  Like any church, we depend on the generosity of our volunteers to give of their time and energy to prepare and present the weekly lessons from the Bible to our little ones.  Mount Olive is grateful to our Sunday School Superintendent, Mr. Kent Waletski and all the teachers!  We hope that they also will have a restful summer and are ready to join us again in August as we embark on a new year.
Our Lord Jesus understood the value in having a time of rest from our regular labors and responsibilities.  Once after a particularly busy spell, Jesus invited His disciples “to come aside and get some rest.” Being true man Himself, Jesus knew the weariness that comes from long stretches of uninterrupted labor.  So it would be His will that all of us have a chance for some restful vacation time this summer.
As we do that, let us keep in mind the most important rest which He provides us through His word – that rest which comes to the soul when we hear and trust the Gospel, the Good News that Jesus has lifted from us the terrible burden of trying to earn God’s forgiveness and salvation by our own good works.  That’s the greatest kind of rest there could be!  And we possess it personally by believing that for Jesus’ sake we really are God’s own forgiven children and heirs of eternal life.  The Law has been fulfilled and the punishment it threatens has been accepted – in our place!  We could never achieve such a rest for ourselves.  But as we hear the word and receive Holy Communion the Lord keeps us in the faith and our hearts remain at ease.
This summer as you get away from your job and from school, don’t forget to take all the spiritual vacation time God offers you in His Word.  Hear it regularly and “come aside” for the best rest of all!
Yours in Christ,
Pastor John Petersen

Noella Wigtil  started out in West Union, IA, and moved to North Mankato with her family in 2003.  She middle sister of five girls.  After having been home schooled through high school, Noella began her college career at Bethany.  She is currently majoring in Theater and Communication.
Work and school keep Noella busy as she is on the Speech Team at BLC, and recently participated in and made it to the quarterfinals at the National Christian College Forensics Invitational in San Diego.
In addition to speech, Noella sings in the BLC Concert Choir which will begin their Midwest tour in a few weeks.  Noella’s talent and effort has earned her a scholarship for voice lessons.
Summer plans include working as a counselor at Camp Omega, and ultimately some day working in the theater, or as a voice actress.

Kwik Trip Cards

Mt. Olive youth (grades 5-12) are selling Kwik Trip Cards as a fund-raiser to help raise money for Mt. Olive Youth Groups. 5% goes to our youth groups and individual youth. Cards are sold between services on Sundays year round. Contact Angie Younge: 389-9137 or Rebecca Strom: 386-0372 with questions.

Bible Classes at Mt. Olive

The following Bible Classes are offered at Mt. Olive:
9:40AM Sundays (Bible Class)
9:40AM Sundays (BIC)
10AM 2nd & 4th Mondays (Veteran’s Bible Study)
8AM Tuesdays (Ladies Bible study)
9AM Wednesdays (Bible Study)
Bible Information Class (BIC) is available for anyone interested in learning more about our Christian faith.  Please talk to one of the Pastors if you’re interested.

Serving Mt. Olive


     1st Service: Bruce Gratz (captain), Alec Gratz,
Seth Tweit, John Sehloff, Keith Anderson
     2nd Service: David Munson (captain),
Matthew Munsen, Dan Maas, Justin Maas,
Craig Christensen


1st Service: Ross & Betsy Hermanson, Eldon Sting, Lois Otto
2nd Service: David & Kathryn Sulzle,
Mark & Vivian Smith
1st Servcie: Mark & Michelle Graham, Eldon Sting, Keith Anderson
2nd Service: Bob & Ruth Heidenreich,
Dan & Joanne Maas

Altar Guild

May: LuAnn Sting, Lynette Merseth
June: Ruth Heidenreich, Elyse Haugen


May: Craig Christiansen, Bruce Gratz
June: John Schauer, Jim Gullixson

Important Dates at Mt. Olive Lutheran School

Sunday, May 1:  5pm LGP at Peace
Thursday, May 5:  6:30pm Ascension Service & CDS Band Concert at BLC Trinity Chapel
Friday, May 6:  Grades 4 & 5 to MVL Play
8th Grade Lock-In at Mt. Olive
Sunday, May 8:  Children’s Choir Sings
Tuesday, May 10:  No AM Busing
Wednesday, May 11:  Friendship Day
6:30pm Kindergarten Program
Friday, May 13:  CDS Track Meet at Redwood Falls
Tuesday, May 17:  Co-ed Softball Tournament
Friday, May 20:  Jr. Youth Group
Sunday, May 22:  Sunday School Sings
Thursday, May 26:  1:30 & 6:30pm “Alice in Wonderland” at BLC
Friday, May 27:  11:15am Early Dismissal                                               Last Day of School
6:30pm “Alice in Wonderland” at BLC
Sunday, May 29:  8th Grade Graduation – All School Sings

Online Worship Services

Our Services are ARCHIVED ONLINE!  Mt. Olive now has a page on VIMEO where our services are archived. Check it out:

Sr. Youth Group

This year’s Lutheran Youth Association (LYA) trip is to Dallas, TX on July 28-31, 2016. The convention’s theme is, “Two Kingdoms”. Go to: to register, if you haven’t already. The cost is $250, but $300 after May 1st. We have reserved up to three buses to leave from Mankato, MN on Wednesday, July 27th at 3PM, and return on Monday, August 1st by late-morning. The cost for the bus will be @ $250/person. (This is a separate cost than the LYA convention itself). We are asking for $100 down-payment by June 1st. The forms will be available soon! Any questions? Contact Lance Johnson, or Peter or Sarah Bloedel.

Camp Indianhead

is scheduled for July 10-15 at Luther Island Camp, and is open to youth ages 11-16. The cost per camper is $275. Register online at: (scroll down and click on our logo, then click “create new parent”) or ask the church office for registration and health forms.
Families are encouraged to reserve bus seats early for their camper(s). Reservations made by May 8, 2016 cost $30 per camper, and $45 per camper after. The bus holds 35 passengers, so please email or call Lance Johnson with the names of your camper(s) at: or 507-720-2130. We appreciate and thank Lance for serving our campers and families in this way!

New 2 You:

Please continue to support New 2 You by volunteering, making donations, shopping our store, or praying for continued blessings on their efforts. If you would like to become a volunteer please call New2You at 507-385-1455~Mt. Olive provides volunteers on the first Saturday of every month.  The sign-up sheet is on the table in the narthex.


Ascension Service & Band Concert:

Olive’s Ascension Service/CDS Band Concert on Thursday, May 5 will be held at Trinity Chapel, Bethany Lutheran College at 6:30PM.

Pizza Ranch Fundraiser for Camp Bus:

Youth going to Camp Indianhead can sign-up to work at Pizza Ranch to raise funds for camp transportation. The fundraiser will take place onMonday, June 20during synod week from 4:30 to 9:00PM. Youth may sign-up for 1 or both shifts. Contact Lance Johnson for information 507-720-2130 or

Veteran’s Bulletin Board

Are there any veterans whose name we have missed on our bulletin board in the social hall?  If so, please e-mail or call Lois Johnson at or 278-3369.  We also want to recognize any active duty member or member’s son or daughter on our board.  We would like their name, military branch, years of service, and a picture if possible.

A Special Meeting of the Voters 

will be held Sunday, May 22 at 12:00 noon. The purpose of this meeting will be to consider submitting nominees to serve as a professor at Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary and to reallocate funds for our facilities’ air conditioning project.

Softball Umpires Needed:

Mt. Olive Lutheran Grade School sponsors a grade school co-ed softball tournament on Tuesday, May 17 at Caswell Park beginning at 9:00AM.  The tournament usually gets done around 3:30PM.  We are looking for volunteers (or paid individuals) for umping.  Umps do not need to worry about balls and strikes, since they just call the bases.  Each batter gets 4 pitches to attempt to get a hit. Batters may still strike out.  Umps will need to know the basic softball rules. If you are able to help out on this day, please contact Mr. Z by calling the school office at 345-7927 or emailing Mr. Z at

 Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School

Position Opening at MVL: Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School is seeking applicants for the position of Financial Secretary.  We are looking for an individual who is familiar with financial procedures and software, possesses strong computer skills and has a desire to be an integral part of MVL’s ministry.  If interested, contact MVL Principal Tim Plath at 507-354-6851 or for an application.
MVL is also seeking applicants for the position of Administrative Assistant for Development. We are looking for an individual who possesses an aptitude to maintain alumni and donor databases, plan and coordinate events, is proficient in the Microsoft Suite, and has a desire to be an integral part of MVL’s ministry.  If interested, contact MVL Principal Tim Plath at 507-354-6851 or for an application.
Spring Drama Production: The MVL Drama Group will present Penelope’s Paws on Friday, May 6 at 7PM and Saturday, May 7 at 2PM & 7PM.
Prism Concert: Saturday, May 14 is MVL’s annual Prism Concert, held in the gym. Come and enjoy a night of secular music performed by the Band, Jazz Band, Chargaliers, A Cappella Choir, and individual groups. Listen by candlelight with your root beer, lemonade, popcorn and pretzels. Shows are at 5PM and 8PM – FREE. In between concerts will be an Art Show, featuring this year’s AP Art class and their work.

Bethany Lutheran College

Job Openings: Bethany has an immediate opening for the head coach of the men’s and women’s tennis program, head coach of the softball program, and head coach of the men’s basketball program. For more information, contact Paulette Tonn Booker at or 507-344-7840.
Commencement: Bethany’s Commencement Service is Friday, May 13 at 10:30AM.

Save the Date!

Mt. Olive’s annual golf outing will take place on the afternoon of Sunday, June 12 at Minneopa Golf Club. Watch for more info and details to come!


The Christian Church has three High Feasts (think Big Holidays) in the year. Can you name them? Now maybe we haven’t thought about it much. But first comes Christmas. Most of us will probably think of that one. Then comes Easter. We’ll likely get that one too. But then… There’s another one? Is it the one with the Magi from the East? Well, no, but… close! You see, the Good News of Christmas is that God the Father so loved the world that He gave us His one and only Son. So the Lord Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary at Bethlehem. Angels announced His birth to shepherds, and they came to see Him. The Good News of Easter is that God the Son, the Word now made Flesh, who suffered and died in payment for all our sins, has overcome sin and death for us. The Lord Jesus is Risen, and He lives and reigns forever! Angels announced His resurrection to His friends. He Himself appeared to His disciples for a period of forty days before He ascended into heaven. Yet, even after all this that God has done for us, still: I believe that I cannot by my own reason or strength believe in Jesus Christ my Lord or come to Him. As St. Paul says, in I Corinthians 2:14, The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him. He also says in Romans 10:14, How will they call on him in whom they have not believed? But the Holy Spirit has called me by the Gospel! That great work of God, of calling, gathering, enlightening and making us holy, began happening at Pentecost. That’s the third High Feast of the Christian Church. This year it falls on May 15th . Pentecost was the fiftieth day after Easter. On that day the Lord Jesus, seated at the Right Hand of the Father, sent us the Holy Spirit. His great work goes on when He brings sinners like us to baptism, where He washes our sins away through the Blood of Jesus who died for us. It goes on in the Scriptures and through preaching as He gives us His words of Life, and truth, and grace: Jesus has taken all our sins away! He forgives us and gives us credit for all of Jesus’ good work. Then, like the Magi, who were foreigners and strangers, we’re being drawn to Christ, gathered to Him, sanctified and kept in the one true faith. Blessed Holy Pentecost! You don’t want to miss it!